Figure 24 - The controls are conveniently mounted for hidden operation
Figure 24 - The controls are conveniently mounted for hidden operation

Give your new toy a few test runs so you can get used to using the controls in a non-suspect manner before unleashing your chaos onto the world. It may even work best if you get a hold of the remote before hand and record the power button or mute button so you can enter the room already drinking your favorite refreshment and then just start hijacking the TV without suspicion. Once your victim begins to fiddle with the remote in frustration, you can then intercept new commands just to mess with them even more soon after!

*Figure 25 - Playing back the mute command to the TV after a successful intercept You might have noticed that in my schematic there is an extra IO pin connected to a switch that is not used in the source code. My intent was to add a timer mode that would just count down for a minute or two and then issue the last recorded command. This way you could be out of the room and just listen to the cursing from a distance, relieving all suspicion from you or your evil contraption! Another idea for modification is to just send random pulses on a button press to effectively jam the remote control so that the user can't do anything at all after you mess with the TV or VCR. Again, there is plenty of room for modification of the Remote Control Hijacker, so feel free to let your evil mind wander and send us a few photos of your completed work for our gallery!

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