Figure 0 - This little box will give those pesky telemarketers an earful of fun!
This little box will give those pesky telemarketers an earful of fun!

Why it is still legal for telemarketers to invade a person's privacy baffles my mind! Here I am either trying to relax during dinner or busy with a soldering iron on a 144 pin FPGA and then right at the worst moment possible...rrrrrring! So, I drop whatever I was doing to go get the call and to my absolute disgust, it's another spammer trying to sell me some useless product, or worse - an automated message telling me to "Hold on for an important message." Can you imagine the nerve??! They so blatantly destroy MY peace and quiet to put ME on hold as if MY time is not nearly as important as the cheesy redirect they are about to spew into my already angry ears! Oh, did I mention that of all things in this life that I find annoying, phone spammers top my list?

This simple project will give those tele-spammers exactly what they are trying to give you - an earful of useless and highly annoying noise. "You're mean, they are just doing their jobs." Well, let me tell ya buddy, they can do some other job that doesn't involve ticking me off otherwise they will become victims to whatever I decide to feed into my own phone line back at them! If you are like me and have no mercy for those who choose to invade your privacy, then this little box will be right up your alley as it sends a very loud warbling alarm sound back into your phone lines, giving the spammer an earful they won't forget. You can even adjust the tone quality from a steady police like siren to a belching screech that sounds like a robotic cat fight. Even though the spammers will probably continue to call you back regardless of being on those useless "Do Not Call" lists, you will at least have some enjoyment at their expense with this device.

Figure 1 - This standard phone cord has an RJ11 connector at one end
Figure 1 - This standard phone cord has an RJ11 connector at one end

This device can be made in two versions: one that jacks right into your home phone line for maximum volume level, and a portable unit that just feeds sound into the mouthpiece of any portable phone. The wired version is certainly the most effective version as it can deliver the sound to the spammer at a level you could not achieve by screaming into your phone. Because the Spammer Jammer feeds the audio signal directly into the phone line, it bypasses all audio conditioning circuitry in your phone handset and spews out the sound at the maximum volume possible. Having a direct phone line connection also means that it works on every phone in the house connected to that line.

If you are not afraid of the "Phone Police", then you can hack into your phone line by simply cutting the end of any standard phone cable that includes an RJ11 connector at one end. This four conductor connector will be used to connect the Spammer Jammer into the phone line, so you need the RJ11 male jack at one end and bare wires at the other end.

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